Johnny‘s Speakeasy Quarterly Report

Johnny’s Speakeasy affirms its commitment to operating as a responsible business, to reduce our impact on the environment and to adopt sustainable practices by embracing the PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Certification.

Johhny’s has been open for a little over three years. It has been designed as a destination for couples and friends looking for an original culinary experience and an upscale cocktail program. It is a total original experience with secret passcodes and hidden entrances. The key to their experience is offering a farm to table menu of artisan dishes and drinks each with their own unique distinction. A guarantee of quality has developed through our strong commitment to an internal culture based on continuous improvement. Our commitment to quality and the strength of our team’s moral code led us to respond to the waste created.

After an examination of ordering, preparation processes, service of our products and disposal we acknowledge and reaffirm our commitment to the PLEDGE™ on Food Waste Certification and Food Not Waste Program as well as our additional goals for future sustainability.

Engaging the whole team and establishing a Food Lover’s Committee that aimed to raise awareness was first on our agenda. We were pleasantly greeted with a great deal of support. The committee was comprised of seven individuals from a gallery of positions within the company. This helped us envision the path to take to minimize food waste and report the results.

One success story was the acknowledgement of waste generated by our NY Steak Strip Steak. The steaks are cut and trimmed by hand, leaving fat and beef scrap. That excess beef was then transformed into a highly successful meatball dish for our late-night menu.

In an ongoing effort to reduce waste, we created a monitoring system that records food waste and tracks items of excessive waste. We then calculated two quantifiable objectives: The reduction of food waste in pounds, measured against covers and the equivalent of CO2 rescued through our composting efforts.

Our hopes for the reduction of food waste per cover, to steadily decrease, are still strong. After the first quarter we saw a slight increase over the 5-7 week period. We feel empowered by our efforts to manage our waste resulting in rescued CO2. We have rescued the equivalent of over 2500 kilos of CO2! Our goal is to continue our efforts to achieve a goal of 12,500 kilos of reclaimed CO2.

Our long-term strategy is to work on the successes we have achieved. We have adopted a cleaner path for the environment in more than a few ways. We have a team of people committed to the ongoing plan to reduce food waste. We feel empowered to inform the public and others in the industry how proud we are of our achievements.